Oeschger Handelsvermittlung

Oeschger Handelsvermittlung is a sole proprietorship which focuses on trade in goods & services and this on different platforms and online-shops (e-commerce). In general, we are a trading company and a commercial agency. Additionally, with our know-how, we support other companies in improving their possibilities in entering new markets or in finding sales markets.

Our activities as a commercial agency for international goods mainly focuses on the Swiss market. Nevertheless, a special focus in supporting other companies also lays on placing products and services as well from Central-Eastern or Southeastern Europe on the German-speaking markets (incl. Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein) as from the German-speaking world to Central-Eastern and Southeastern European markets. You can find more information about that on the website hamoso.com. Last but not least, we are also an ideal agency partner for goods in the field of organic and sustainable products!

By the way, our business being a commercial agency relies on success basis. In other words, there will be no costs for you up to the point in time where we can successfully make a deal resp. where your product or service hits the market – not a moment before! For us, a healthy relationship of trust is in the foreground here, because we are convinced that this can lead to more sustainable success for everyone!

About me

I grew up in Büren SO, Switzerland. After graduating from high school I studied International Relations & Diplomacy in the Czech Republic. After an internship at the NGO Light for the World (Czech Republic) and working at the Institute of International Relations Prague, I started working as a business developer at Lucky Service. Since 2020 I have been self-employed in the field of business development, trade & e-commerce with a focus on the German-speaking world and Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

I’m also socially involved. At the beginning of 2016, I founded the Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa (FOMOSO) and since 2018 I have also been a member of the municipal council in Büren SO. Also, I am a board member of the Forum Schwarzbubenland since 2020 and I am part of the social committee of the Sozialregion Dorneck since 2022. Last but not least, I am a board member of Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Ukraine (HSU) and I support Ukrainians in their social and professional integration in our society as a board member at bcue.ch.


Oeschger Handelsvermittlung can support you in the field of e-commerce, creating online-shops, finding new sales markets and expanding businesses, improving public relations and enhancing social media. Based on our cost structure, we are an ideal partner for startups and small & medium-sized enterprises (SME).

In cooperation with the legal team of Fidem Moris we offer additional services related to Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Switzerland. This includes, among other things, accounting and tax consulting, legal consulting and advicing, domicile addresses, market study and research, network development, clarifications for office space and other services.

If you have any questions or you like to make use of our services, then you can contact us in the following way:


Here you can find information about our work and service in the field of commercial agency and online business relating to Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe: hamoso.com

In this online shop you discover sweet and delicious bakery products from the Czech Republic and Central-Eastern Europe as well as a few gift ideas: trdelnik-shop.com

In addition to our work in the field of being a Commercial Agency relating to Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe, we also have an e-shop in which we offer goods and services from the region mentioned: hamoso shop

Oeschger Handelsvermittlung cooperates with Fidem Moris, which offers legal services for companies. It has expertise in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (especially Switzerland and Ukraine).

On the following platforms, we offer different goods and products:

Handelskammer Schweiz – Ukraine

The Chamber of Commerce Switzerland – Ukraine (HSU) is an association that was founded by me and a few Ukrainians in 2023. The HSU is a central point of contact for companies with business interests in Ukraine and Switzerland. The HSU supports Swiss and Ukrainian companies in the areas of communication, information services, consulting, contact mediation, networking, logistics, payment transactions, public administration and mediation, among other things.

HSU maintains and coordinates relationships with diplomatic missions, public authorities, organisations and associations. In addition, the HSU aims to build long-term, sustainable and trust-based relationships between the Swiss and Ukrainian economy.

Increased cooperation can also be seen in the context of the post-war period. The more Switzerland and Ukraine maintain economic relations in advance, the stronger and more successful the reconstruction of Ukraine will be. Here, the HSU would like to make its contribution as well.

Our Values

We are a social enterprise. Of course, having successful sales and profit are very pleasant but it cannot be the only aspect for a company in the end. So, we are convinced that companies are also responsible for carrying about a balanced society.

Since we focus on Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (MOSO region) with pleasure, we support social and integrative projects in and around that region. Consequently, from our revenue, we partly donate to the Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa (FOMOSO). Among other things, this organisation works on an constructive exchange within Europe by sharing knowledge about the MOSO region. In the German-speaking world, FOMOSO also performs presentations and workshops for companies, associations and so on. For further information follow this link: www.fomoso.org/en